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Traditions associated with St Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year and whether it’s Pepper Pike in Ohio or any other place, people follow different traditions that are associated with the day. Wearing green is one of the most popular tradition associated with St. Patrick’s Day. We are sharing some traditions that aren’t well-known or may be misunderstood.

Using leprechauns

While decorating the home people use leprechauns. The happy bearded eleven creatures are Irish symbol who use to cobble shoes for the fairies. In return they were well paid by the fairies. Leprechauns are very manipulative. They are quite miserly too and they hide their gold in pots. According to legends if you are able to catch anyone of them you can make them tell you about the place where they have hidden their pot of gold. Thus, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Pepper Pike is all about this legend where you use leprechaun décor and wish they give you their pot of gold.

Shamrocks are tradition too

Another tradition related to St Patrick’s Day Celebration in Pepper Pike Ohio and other places are shamrocks.  According to another Irish legend, St. Patrick the patron saint of Ireland chose a three leaf clover as symbol of Holy Trinity that is known as Shamrock. If you are lucky enough and find a four leaf clove then it’s God’s Grace. While celebrating St. Patrick’s Day looking for four leave clove in the clove patches is a tradition. It’s all about luck, playing games of luck and wishing for good luck in near future. You can find plenty or St. Pat’s Day decorations at Party City!

Wearing Claddagh Ring

Wearing a Claddagh Ring is another tradition that is associated with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The ring has a typical design with two cupped hands that are cradling a heart and wears a crown on the top. This ring is given to each other among friends and in Irish tradition it is like traditional wedding ring since 17th century. Everything in the ring represents different things, like the hands shows friendship, heart represents love and crown is a symbol of lasting loyalty and fidelity. The way one wears the ring shows his social status. When someone is single that is their heart is free they will wear the ring on their right hand and the crown and the heart will be facing out. For those who are in love and are dating will wear it on the right hand only but the crown will face inward. For someone who is dedicated to any lover will wear it on their left hand with the heart facing inward.  Casey’s Irish Imports in Rocky River have a great selection of Irish jewelry.

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