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The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is an amazing place to see animals and nature up close! The zoo and aquarium has been running since 1927 and for the first thirteen years only had a small collection of animals. But, now the zoo has around 7,000 animals for visitors to see and learn about. With animal exhibits from all over the world there is so much to see. From leopards to elephants to bobcat and so much more you will not be bored at the The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has animal exhibits from all over the world. They have an exhibit from Australia and the Islands with kangaroos and lorikeets. You can also check out the Heart of Africa exhibit featuring with giraffes and camel rides. There is also a North America display with otters and bobcats. Also the Congo Expedition that has gorillas and leopards is definitely something you will want to see! At the zoo there are also Keeper Talks! At the Keeper Talks, the animals’ caretakers will give you more in depth information about some of your favorite animals! These animal exhibits are a perfect way to see some of your favorite wild animals up close!

As you can see, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium gives you the opportunity to learn about and see animals from all over the world! You are able to learn about all the animals from the Keeper Talks! You are able to observe them up close and be mesmerized by what your seeing! It is a great way to spend the day. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is fun for the whole family and definitely worth visiting!


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