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Spring cleaning your home

Cleaning your home on daily basis lightly is not enough. Once in a season you have to pull your socks up and do a complete cleaning of every inch of the room.

Let’s talk about how we can clean our home this spring:

Vacuum cleaning:  Vacuum cleans the walls and ceilings. If you annually clean the ceilings, you won’t have to deal with the tough grime that accumulates if the ceiling is left untouched for a long time. Vacuum first, then wipe with an all-purpose cleaner.

Laundry: Toss throw rugs or dirty sheets into the washing machine. Wash all the sheets, beddings, duvet covers, quilts, etc. Put them back on the beds as they come out of the dryer. Wash the winter beddings before putting them away.

Mirrors and windows: Use microfiber cloths to wash mirrors and the inner sides of windows.

Washing the floor: Wash the floor or wipe it with a mop soaked in water. 

Airing: Open the doors and windows of bedrooms and let the air in. Airing helps in the reduction of allergens and germs.  Strip the beds, remove the sheets and leave the room open to the air.

Cleaning bathrooms: Use cleaning agents for shower walls, bathtubs, floors, and sink. Rub them well and leave them for 15 to 20 minutes, after that rinse everything. Repeat the same process with the toilet bowl.

Carpets and rugs: Steam-clean carpets and rugs. You can also get the carpets professionally cleaned.

Cleaning the kitchen:

  1. Empty the contents of the refrigerator and the freezer, wash the shelves with two table spoons baking soda and a quart of water. Let them dry well.
  2. Scrub the cooking appliances with soapy steel wool pads to degrease them. Clean the oven by placing a microwave-secure bowl of water and lemon juice.
  3. Wipe cabinets and surfaces. Mop the floors.

Cleaning your living room:

  1. Dust the ceiling fans. You can use an extendable duster that has a microfiber head at the end. The head must be able to bend at a 90-degree angle, so you won’t need a ladder. It can also be used to clean the tops of bookshelves and cupboards.
  2. Sofas and chairs that are frequently used should be regularly cleaned. Many stores also rent upholstery cleaning machines or carpet cleaners, which can be used to deep clean the living room furniture.
  3. Clean the light bulbs. Wipe them with a moist microfiber cloth. Remember that a dirty bulb emits much less light than a clean one.
  4. Dust the electronics. Use compressed air to spray clean the cervices. Then in an up & down movement, clean with electrostatic or microfiber cloths. Clean underneath all the speakers, stereos, DVD players, TV, etc. Don’t forget to wipe the ventilators to keep the dust-out.
  5. Dust the fireplaces and store the unused logs in a proper place.
  6. Vacuum the carpets.

Cleaning up the home could be a hectic task but if you keep a track of everything and regularly clean everything, you won’t face any difficulty.

Happy cleaning!


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