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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Garages are one of the most used space in your home and also commonly the most cluttered. The National Association of Professional Organizers conducted a study that found out that 50% of homeowners declared their garages as the most disorganized space of their home. And another survey conducted by Sparefoot found out that more than 50% of Americans are unable to park in their garages due to disorganization.

Following our list will definitely make your garage more functional & cleaner:

1. Make a plan & seek help: Before starting cleaning, design a clear plan of what you want to accomplish during this spring cleaning project.  Make a spring cleaning checklist, it can be a great help.

2. Decluttering: The second step in garage spring cleaning is decluttering. You’ll have to remove everything that is not a part of your garage. While starting, first carefully assess which of the content of the garage is to keep and which are to be discarded.
Put all the items in free and open space such as Lawn or patio. Classify items coming out of the garage into categories such as
a. Keep
b. Donate
c. Recycle etc.

3. Airing out the garage: After emptying out the garage, open up all the windows and doors to give the musty garage a good airing out.

4. Wiping & sweeping the garage: Firstly, clear the front of the entrance door. Wipe down the shelves, and clean the garage walls by sweeping downwards with a broom, removing all the dust. Also, remove the cobwebs. Sweep every nook and corner and make sure you’re not missing any area.

5. Hosing out the garage: Wash the garage floor with a garden hose thoroughly and after rinsing for the last time, use a squeegee to remove the leftover water.

6. Clean your garage doorframe & windows: The garage door area can contribute to a large percentage of the home’s front exterior. Therefore don’t forget to clean it up. It may be cleaned by simply scrubbing. To eliminate the need for cleaning the door frame, simply wrap it with an aluminum cap. The windows can be cleaned using dish detergent or window cleaner. Stubborn stains can be removed using vinegar.

7. Organization of garage storage: Lastly, assess your garage’s storage and organization. If you do not have designated home for each item in the garage, upgrade your garage’s functionality by using storage items such as racks, etc. This will keep your garage space organized and easier to clean in the future.

Using the above-mentioned garage cleaning tips will surely be effective during this spring clean.

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