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Places to kayak in Columbus

Kayaking is becoming very popular.  This physical activity is healthy and fun.  The health benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness and increased muscle strength.  And just as important as the physical benefits, are the mental benefits.  The peace  and tranquility of the lakes refreshes the mind and soul. The Columbus area has some great destinations to kick back and relax on the water.

Trapper John Canoe Livery

According to their website, “Trapper Johns has been privileged to operate on the State and National Scenic Big Darby Creek for 50 years. This pristine environment is one of the Western Hemispheres last great places with its superior health and bio-diverse ecosystem.”  At Trapper John’s safety is very important.  The rental equipment is disinfected properly after every use.  In addition to their safety standards, we found their prices to be very affordable.

Hoover Adventure

Hoover Adventure is the first opportunity people have to rent canoes or kayaks on the Hoover Reservoir.  Hoover Adventure offers several packages for kayakers.  The orientation and guidelines are comprehensive and detailed. A variety of kayaks are available. The timings and schedules are flexible and people can decide for how long they want to canoe on the creek. They can opt for various routes to experience the wildlife as well.

Olentangy Paddle

With weather and staff permitting on the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers, Olentangy Paddle has scheduled trips many times per week,  They have three different launch locations with a complete set of experience of nature.  Many kayakers have found the water to be calm and peaceful.  But just in case of inclement weather, they offer a complete refund of the amount paid.

Alum Creek State Park

The park is in proximity to Columbus. It has a large reservoir with boating as well canoeing services. They offer regularly scheduled routes available 7 days per week, 4x per day and these take place on the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers. This place is a paradise for kayaker!   The scenery is quiet and the shores are packed with trees. We really like that they offer season passes and gift certificates.


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