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Sanitizing & Disinfection System

At Maid to Satisfy, our customers always come first.  Because of our continued commitment to our customers, we have invested in the state-of-the-art Protexus 360° sanitizing & disinfectant system.  The EvaClean Protexus electrostatic sprayer is the next generation in disinfection control and can disinfect greater areas more effectively and more thoroughly.

The disinfection capability of this handheld sprayer is superior to any other disinfectant system. The electrostatic sprayers in EvaClean’s system hold innovative and revolutionary electrostatic spray technology that make this the perfect sterilizing tool for our customers’ home.

According to, “The EvaClean Protexus electrostatic sprayer is the next generation in disinfection control. Protexus sprayers are built to be superior to any other sprayer for completing sanitizing, disinfecting and odor control tasks.

For maximum cleaning coverage and disinfection, this electrostatic handheld sprayer is the way to go. The simple, lightweight ergonomic features paired with top of the line electrostatic spray technology make it a top choice product for commercial or residential surface disinfection.”


  • Electrostatic function can be disabled or enabled as needed
  • Runs quiet and is lightweight and portable
  • Head light illuminates work surface for precise coverage
  • Single-channel sprayer nozzle directs charged particles with pin-point accuracy

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