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Great Tips For Organizing a Kitchen

If you’ve bought double the ingredients because they weren’t available in your pantry, or you struggle to keep your kitchen looking tidy, then it’s time for some tips to make your kitchen shine. You don’t need a large space to make your kitchen functional, it’s about how you organize the space you have.

Time to Organize the Kitchen

Let’s get started:
First, check out every kitchen item, pull it all out and assess if there is any damaged item. Once having all the items assessed, make a ‘keep’, a ‘toss’ and a ‘donate’ section.

Deep cleaning: Once everything is out of the cupboards and shelves, clean the inside of the cupboards.

The best way to organize a kitchen is to organize with like items.

Category 1:
Things of everyday use (plates, bowls, glassware, silverware, cups, and cutlery)

Category 2:
Cooking utensils (pots, pans, dishes, cutting boards, spatulas, spoons, measuring cups/spoons, mixing bowls, baking items, etc.)

Category 3:
Pantry (dry food, spices, kitchen appliances, etc.)

Category 4:
Accessories & storage (Food storage boxes, good wrap, Ziploc bags, tin foil, to-go items, etc.)

Category 5:
Coffee and bar (Coffee cups, coffee accessories, coffee pot, wine glasses, bar accessories other glassware, etc.)

Category 6:
Cleaning supplies (Soap, garbage bags, detergents, sponges, etc.)

(You can also make a 7th category in which special items could be placed like serve-ware used for hosting only. The best way is to keep only genuinely used items in the kitchen and keeping the rest at any other storage place at home.)

Apply the same rules to the fridge, group the items and determine a suitable layout for the fridge shelving.

Now that every item is categorized, think about the right place to place them. The items that are mostly used should be kept at an accessible place and those that are used less frequently should be placed further away.

The same rule should be applied for the pantry, unload cereals, baking goods, pasta, rice, etc. into clear containers to make more room. Position the things that are most frequently used where it is easiest to access them.

Kitchen organization Hacks: Get creative with the organization and try different Hacks for each category.
For example:
1 Use hanging racks for pots and pans to create room in cupboards.
2. Mount rack for spices and you can also arrange them in alphabetical order.
3. Use dividers and organizers
4. Use standing dividers for cutting boards etc.
5. For under the sink, use pull out wire shelves.
6. Make use of wall space.
7. Use a corkboard to hang small items or most frequently used recipes.

After some time, reevaluate the organization and define any problem areas if existing. Make it a goal to keep the pantry decluttered.

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