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Creating a perfect guest bedroom is a must for ensuring a great and memorable stay for your friends and family. Do you know what the best guest room looks like? A perfect guest bedroom is comfortable and feels like a home to anyone who stays there. The guest room is a place where you apply your aesthetic taste and where your guests feel like they are staying somewhere that is extremely comfortable and nicely decorated. The décor of your guest room says a lot about your personality and reflects your home.

Of course, you will be hunting for some ways to create a wonderful and functional guest bedroom that is why you are here. We have some amazing tips to make your guest room so peaceful and relaxing, you will want to sleep there!

Keep the guest bedroom clutter-free

The most important thing is to keep the guest bedroom clean and clutter-free. But that does not mean you have to make this room completely boring. You can sprinkle some fun accessories around the room to make it a fun place for the stay. If the room is small or is a multi-function, you can purchase a daybed or sofa bed to save on space.

Get creative with design & functionality

With some creativity, you can create the perfect guest room setup that offers a peaceful, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Instead of that boring side chair, you can place an indoor swing in your guest bedroom. But if an indoor swing is not according to your aesthetic taste, consider adding a piece of art. You can also place some bold throw pillows to keep the room cozy and interesting. Also, for the guests who may be staying for a few days, your guests may need a temporary workspace. So do not forget to add a small desk or table with a chair.

Create a restful space for your guests

The most important element of any bedroom is that its occupants get a good night’s sleep. If your guest bedroom is not comfortable, then your guests will not enjoy their stay no matter how beautifully the room is decorated. You need to consider many elements such as wall colors, room lights, décor alignment, furniture, air freshener, and even type of windows and doors, to make the guest bedroom more comfortable. And most importantly, a comfortable bed is a must! has great information about choosing the right mattress for a guestroom.  According to, “If you regularly entertain family and friends from out of town, chances are they regularly need a comfortable place to sleep for the night. But with different overnight guests comes different comfort preferences and needs, and it can be hard to decide on a mattress that will provide a restful night’s sleep for every type of guest. The solution? Choose a ‘medium hybrid’ – which strikes a balance between plush and firm – and memory foam and innerspring.

In mattress lingo, ‘medium’ is used to signify a feel that’s firmer than ‘plush’ but plusher than ‘firm,’ and ‘hybrid’ is used to signify a material type that employs a combination of both memory foam and innersprings. Medium hybrid mattresses serve as one of the best options for guest bedrooms – precisely because they are designed to suit the preferences of every type of sleeper, regardless of age.

Add special extras

If the room is large enough, try to make a guest bedroom more than just a sleeping place. Your guest would love the freedom of doing more than just sleep. Create some fun corners such as a small writing table or try to place some objects that are attractive and engaging. In addition, make sure they have space in the closet and include extra hangers. To really make a guest feel loved and pampered, include plush bath towels, slippers, a robe, a carafe of water and a note with the Wi-Fi password!

Bottom line

When it comes to designing a beautiful bedroom for guests, comfort is key. They should not feel imposing or awkward when they must spend more of their time in common spaces around your house. Try to create a guest bedroom where they can spend some quality time during their stay at your home.  By following our guidelines, you can create a space that own personal touch and makes your guest feel like they are staying somewhere that is well thought out and comfortable


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