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How to Organize Your Garage

The garage is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is where you keep most of the tools you need for your garden, car repair, and other important tools used in your home and in your yard. Due to the many things kept in the garage, it is quite challenging to keep it organized. This article is going to share some tips on how to organize your garage.  And unless you have a 4 car garage filled to the ceiling with boxes, most garages can be organized in under one weekend!


Use of Shelves:
The use of shelves is great for your garage. It will not just make your garage look organized, but it adds a lot of storage space as well. Consider adding free standing shelves.  They can be purchased at the big box stores and are easy to assemble. This shouldn’t take you a lot of time and  and will go a long way in creating extra storage space in the room.

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Use of Stack Bins:
The use of stack bins will help in keeping your garage items organized and safe. It is a good way of keeping different items separately. For example, you can have a bin to store items used to repair your car while another stack will be used to store tools used in your garden.

Use of Cabinets:
Adding cabinets to your garage is a great solution in keeping it organized. A single cabinet can store many items and help to separate different items in your garage. You don’t have to hire a professional to do this for you. You can re-purpose old cabinets or purchase these news.  These also can be locked for added protection.

Ceiling Rack:
The ceiling is a gold mine for storage!  The ceiling of your garage can be used to immensely  increase your storage space. By using racks on the ceiling, it will be possible to store some items there and save the space on the floor and walls for other items. A good example is items like ladders. bikes and kayaks.

Plastic Bins with Lids:
Plastic bins are great for grab and go type of products.  The best use of these are for camping equipment.  All the camping equipment can be stored in these bins.  When preparing for a camping trip, just grab the container and go!

The above tips will greatly help you in keeping your garage organized. This is not just to create additional space but to make it look good as well!

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