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Cleaning Supplies to Keep On Hand

While looking for basic cleaning appliances, there is no need for spending a lot of money. It is better to learn how to clean properly before investing in an a lot of expensive cleaning products. 

Cleaning Kits Items

  1. Microfiber cloth: A microfiber cloth can hold on dust and as long as you rinse it while cleaning, the dust remains clinging to it. They also brilliantly clean counters, surfaces, appliances, tiles, glass, pet hair, etc. Use different colors for different parts of the home to make it easier to assort. The alternative to it is white cleaning cloth.
  1. Vacuum cleaners: A vacuum cleaner is good to use even for hard floors. It is suitable for getting pet hair and dust particles off the mattresses or even the interior of your car. For those who have carpeted rooms, this is a basic necessity because cleaning a carpet effectively is nearly impossible without a good vacuum cleaner.
  2. Dusting kit: An extension dusting kit makes it easy to clean chandeliers, tops of kitchen cupboards and electric fixtures.  Having one reduces the hassle of dusting ceilings which would otherwise require a tall person or a step-stool.
  3. Ceiling fan brush: Use a ceiling fan duster attached at one end of an extension pole to clean both sides of the fan blades. This brush can also sweep cobwebs off the ceilings because its bristles are stiffer.
  4. Spray bottles: Spray bottles are perfect for homemade liquid cleaners.  Due to its various sizes and shapes, it can be used as a piece of decoration.
  5. Steam mop: A steam mop removes the grout and cleans the tiles simultaneously, and it comes with washable pads. The sterilization by steam can get rid of a lot of stains eliminating the need for expensive cleaning products.
  6. Squeegee: A squeegee easily attaches to extension poles and gets windows, glass panels and mirrors cleaning without leaving streaks. It also leaves the glass shower door spot-free.
  7. Scrub brush: A scrub brush can be used for endless tasks. It can be used to remove tough and stubborn stains from car mats, cement patio or garage floor. It can easily clean gardening tools and plant pots. It also cleans soot from fireplace walls. it even gets dry mud off the shoes.

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