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What makes Maid to Satisfy different? Our Maids Impress!

With our busy schedules and our never-ending to-do lists, our lives are hectic.  This is where Maid to Satisfy can make a huge difference in your life.  We chip away at that to-do list, so you can focus on aspects of your life that are more important than cleaning, such as enjoying quality time with loved ones.  Whatever you decide to do with your free time you can relax knowing your life is less hectic, less stressful, and healthier with Maid to Satisfy. We take pride in providing families all across Ohio with cleaner, healthier and happier homes.

Your home is the foundation of your life and at Maid to Satisfy we strive to provide our clients with a clean, healthy and comfortable homes.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Maid to Satisfy

  1.    We are reliable and Consistent
  2.    Maid to Satisfy is Affordable
  3.    We strive for total customer satisfaction
  4.    Maid to Satisfy screens, trains and certifies every maid
  5.    Maid to Satisfy provides all cleaning products including our unique Green Clean certified, CRI Gold Certified, HEPA vacuums.
  6.    We’ve cleaned 1,000’s of home with our proven technique and products.
  7.    We learn your cleaning needs quickly and can make changes easily.
  8.    Maid to Satisfy is a Veteran and Locally Owned business.
  9.    We comply with all federal and state laws and we’re licensed, bonded and insured to the highest level possible.
  10.    Maid to Satisfy takes pride in providing clients with Cleaner, Healthier and Happier Homes.


Every day we sign up new clients who want to take back control of their lives, who are searching for a way to spend more time doing the things they love instead of cleaning.  Most of our clients enjoy our regular maid service visits not only is it discounted but it provides them with a sense of relief, they know that having their home cleaned on a regular basis lifts a huge weight off their shoulders. But we clean for several other reasons: seasonal one-time deep cleanings, when company comes in town, parties, post construction, renovations, asthma, and allergy relief, and sometimes just because you need a well-earned break.

Thousands of satisfied customers have said that Maid to Satisfy is not a convenience but a necessity! Most of our customers find that having Maid to Satisfy cleaning services clean their home every two weeks provides them with the relief they’ve been searching for by keeping their home amazingly clean and healthy minimizing the time they spend cleaning in between our visits.  But, we also offer one time cleanings, weekly and monthly home cleaning services.

Hire Maid to Satisfy cleaning service for a cleaner, healthier and happier home because Our Maids Impress!

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Maid to Satisfy GUARANTEES your COMPLETE satisfaction, and if for any reason you’re not happy with an area our professional maids have cleaned, call us within 24 hours. We will return at our earliest possible time and re-clean the area that was not up to your standards and make sure you are completely happy.

We want your feedback and if our professional house cleaning maids did not meet your expectations please contact us. Our professional maids strive to ensure your satisfaction with each and every house cleaning service, our managers regularly inspect cleanings to ensure quality, however we realize there may be times when we may miss something or make a mistake, in those unfortunate situations please contact us immediately and explain so that we can resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction on future cleanings, maintaining you as a long term satisfied client is our goal.

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