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Dealing with Pet Dander

Pet dander is very small particles that shed from the skin of an animal or bird with fur or feather. It can be large enough to be seen from the naked eye or it can be small to the microscopic level. Whatever the size, it can be a problem for those who are allergic to pet dander.

The dander contains proteins that can cause allergic reactions to a person. The small bits of skin are very light so they spread easily. They are directly linked with your respiratory system. When inhaled, the respiratory system treats it like a foreign material which in most cases causes allergy. Similarly, direct contact with the pet is not necessary to cause an allergic reaction. You may get the allergy from the pet owner, who is wearing the clothes on which the pet dander is present.

Pet dander is not only produced by dogs and cats. Rabbits, birds and other  animals also produce dander.

Interestingly, another issue and cause of discomfort is that the pet dander is sometimes combined with the urine or saliva of the pet, which contains enzymes. Sometimes a person is not allergic to the pet dander itself but these enzymes and molecules can trigger the body and cause allergy.

The symptoms from allergy to pet dander may include Itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and runny nose.

Tips to get rid of pet dander:

  • Pet dander is, in fact, the dead skin cells that shed away from the skin of the animal or bird. One effective way to remove the dead skin is to brush your pet daily. Daily brushing will also remove loose fur and feathers.
  • Avoid frequently washing your pet. It can dry out the skin of your pet and the dry skin sheds more cells. Better is to clean the dirty parts of the body with wipes. If at all you want to wash your pet completely then use lukewarm water to choose a good conditioner that moistens the skin. Do change your clothes after cleaning the pet.
  • Pet dander can be lessened with using a very good great vacuum. A high quality vacuum can mitigate allergy symptoms by reducing the dander in your house.
  • Anti-allergy sprays are common. But avoid excessive use of these sprays is important because they do contain chemicals that can be harmful when used in excess.
  • Over the counter allergy medicines are sometimes effective but excessive use of them can cause harmful side effects in your body.
  • A good quality air purifier can be a good addition in your home if you are facing pet allergic problems. The air purifier will purify the air and remove the allergens.
  • Because a pet will spread the dander to all the places it goes, we suggest keeping your pet out of the bedroom and off of your bed.


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