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Clintonville, one of the famous neighborhoods in Columbus. It is a small neighborhood but has diverse dining choices to choose from. Clintonville is home to many coffee shops that serve different types of coffees and specialty drinks, the aroma of which you will never forget. The local bakeries serve paczki, fruit filled tortes, doughnuts etc., made fresh by the crafty bakers. The neighborhood also has vegan and vegetarian restaurants where you can try different kinds of wraps like Tuscan wrap with additional arugula, tomatoes, red onions etc. Mexican food is the most famous and popular International flavor in Clintonville, all kinds of Mexican street foods are served with an option of having food trucks throughout the area.


The burger specialists of Clintonville located at 4560 N High St Columbus will serve you the best burgers in town. BareBurger serves a large array of different burgers each with a unique taste that your taste buds will remember forever. Their menu is created with choices that feel good for everyone. Their menu is also vegan friendly; plant based and delicious than ever. Bareburger has a variety in their beer menu and the burger menu is filled with diversity of juicy burgers which melt into your mouth with explosive flavors.

All the ingredients used in burgers are made by their own trusted employees and partners. Fresh vegetables and meat are collected from the farmers. This gives you the best burger experience without any consequences to your health.

Rusty Bucket:

Great drinks, Great food, Great people. If you are looking for these things, Rusty bucket is the place for you. This American cuisine serving restaurant and bar lets you choose from a menu that was created from the scratch by the top chefs from different locations. When it comes to the bar, the drinks go from the barrel to the glass without any short cuts giving you the exquisite taste. Highly skilled and crafted bartenders can serve you with their magical cocktails. You just need to choose your selections from the menu and you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to try them out, they are located next to the Ravine park that provides a beautiful environment, 4109 N High St Columbus OH 43214-3233.

The Crest Gastropub:

Located at 2855 Indianola Ave. Columbus, OH 43202-2213 is the Crest Gastropub restaurant owned by A&R Creative group. It became famous in 2015 very quickly. The main reason was the quick and superb services the restaurant provided followed by a seasonal menu which attracted people. The main reason behind this restaurant’s popularity is its farms, the restaurant grows as much food as possibly required in the farms that are present at the restaurant. Yes, you read it right, they have their farms located at the restaurant using uniquely designed raised beds and rooftop gardens called the Crest Gardens. This is the reason that when people eat food here they get caught in its magic as it is freshly handpicked.

What isn’t grown in the crest gardens, the restaurant sources it from their trusted farmers in Ohio. These are the secret to the creative and tempting menu, not to forget the delicious food. Food isn’t the only wonder here; the pub also offers top notch drinks. Beers fresh, directly from the barrels and cocktails made by the experienced and magical bartenders which make you want to get more.

Nancy’s Home Cooking:

This is a rather smaller in size restaurant, but don’t judge a book by its cover. The outside looks a little odd but it’s really a diamond in the rough. This unique restaurant located at 3133 N High St Columbus, OH 43202 is one of the finest restaurants you will ever find. The restaurant is designed as so it reminds you of your home. The cozy environment, homely feeling and the perfectly cooked food is the secret weapon of this restaurant that keeps it in the race. The food is freshly made by the amazing chefs which reportedly tastes so delicious that it reminds you of your mother.

Apart from food, the restaurant has a program called “Post-it Note”, in which you donate $5 and write a note. This money is used to provide food to a needy person with a note that you wrote.

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