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Cleaning tips for a stress-free Christmas

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells! Have you heard the bells ringing? Yes, Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas is all about spreading love, spending time with friends and family and making memories.

We know that some of you may have skipped the “Christmas cleaning” from your checklist. But unfortunately, whether you like it or not, the holidays always are brighter in a house that is clean and organized. If you want to have a stress-free Christmas, it is better to plan the cleaning part of Christmas now.  However, if you have no idea where to start, we can help with some Christmas organizing and cleaning tips.

Simple tips for cleaning and organizing

Clean & declutter your kitchen

Getting ready to make cookies and pies?  Start with your oven and clean it thoroughly.  Your pastries will taste even more delicious when prepared in a clean oven. Next, move on to your fridge and clean it thoroughly.  This is a great time to throw out expired food and to make enough room for everything you need for Christmas dinner. Your refrigerator will also look fresh and smell good.

Prepare a shopping list

If you want to save your time, it is better to buy groceries at once instead of making so many trips to the market. This way, you can concentrate more on decorations and other cleaning areas. To do this, prepare a shopping list and all the other essential requirements you will need during the Christmas season so that you can buy them or have them delivered at one time. Creating a list will save you time, stress and money!

Prepare the dining area

You do not have to wait until Christmas Eve to prepare the dining room for Christmas dinner.  Preparing your dining room can start now!  Make sure your tablecloths, t-towels, napkins, chair cushion and trivets are clean and ready.  Designating a place to store everything as you retrieve these items will save you time on Christmas day.  Taking the time to organize now will that you have everything you and your guests need for Christmas dinner. In addition to making sure you have enough seating for everyone, make sure you have all the dishes, glasses and serving containers now will save you stress on Christmas Day.

Polish your cutlery

We know that many of us use special cutlery on special occasions, so make sure you have your cutlery polished before Christmas. This is a great time to use the extra serving pieces that came with your silverware set!  Additionally, set table the night before Christmas for one less thing to do Christmas morning.

Clean your bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean with disposable cleaning products, will mean you’re always able to wipe down and keep your bathroom clean. Ensure you have plenty of toilet paper, hand soap and disposable hand towels in your bathrooms.

Give yourself a gift

Do these tasks still seem overwhelming?  If so, worth hiring a professional to come and give your home a thorough cleaning before the holidays. By letting us clean your home, you can focus on the wonderful memories you are going to make instead of battling the grime and dirt that have built up over the year.

Hiring a cleaning service is easy, convenient, and time saving. Instead of cleaning, you will be able to look forward to enjoying the holidays. Homeowners in Canton, Ohio have a clear choice when selecting a reputable company to provide residential cleaning services.  If you need any type of residential cleaning services in Canton, contact Maid to Satisfy at (330) 477-0801, and get a free quote!

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