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Amazing Tips for Creating a Craft Room

Looking for a little inspiration to set up a fabulous craft space? The following ideas are going to get you started on designing a great craft area in your home from storage to organization, decorating and more.


Wall of Prints:
You can craft your wall with the help of high-quality prints along with magazine and newspaper clippings. Blank clips can be embellished with metallic paint. Later on your own artwork can be hung on the wall to create a touch of modern aesthetics and show off your work!

Sturdy Table:
A wooden or metallic table is considered to be ideal for a good looking craft room. So make sure that you have one!  Second hand shops and garage sales are great places to find inexpensive furnishings for your craft room.

Use of Cabinets:

Open and closed shelving units work well for craft rooms. Your most popular craft supplies should be placed on the open shelves, whereas the less available craft supplies should be at the back of closed doors. But make sure that you are not having too many frames in a craft room because it should not look like a messy one bombarded with craft items everywhere.

Storage Boxes:

Clear storage boxes are great for organizing – markers, paints, beads and more. Colorful inserts allow you to customize each tote for your needs and add a playful touch to your organizing.

Whether you have an entire room designated for your craft or share your space with the guest room, the above tips will greatly help you in keeping your craft room organized.

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