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Creating a Great Home Office

Working from home can sound like an amazing perk, but have you ever thought about creating a great home office that can make you productive enough to focus on your work will full attention? If not, then let us help you with some useful ideas! 

  • Productivity with Greenery:

According to various studies, it has been proved that employees are more productive during work when they are near houseplants. Liven up your home office with live houseplants! Plants can add extra oxygen into the air and some  can actually absorb dangerous toxins. This provide a safer work environment.

  • The Storage Spaces:

Expand your workspace with a rolling cart for storing extra pens, papers, and other office supplies. The goal is to make your workspace even bigger, so finding a cart the same height as your desk is a great idea!

  • Maintaining the Office Hours:

It would help if you always considered maintaining your office hours because, in this way, productivity can be maximized. Apart from just improving productivity, it is also ideal for your work-life balance. So always try to track time when you are working in your home office. It can help you quickly figure out the time you have left for relaxation other than only staying focused.

  • Get a Comfortable Chair:

A comfortable chair is a requirement for a home office. But choosing a perfect chair that best suits your needs can sometimes become difficult. A pro tip is to look for a chair made from a high-quality material offering warranty services. A perfect chair should always evoke the proper body posture, so if you are using those traditional types of desks, then prefer using an ergonomic chair. 

  • Guidelines for a Desk:

Center stage in your home office will be a desk.   For a desk to be useful for a home office, it needs to have an area for your computer and an area for writing or for files.  The following are guidelines for work desks:

  • laptop area – 18 inches
  • reading / writing area – 20 inches
  • In tray – 12 inches


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