Places To Exercise in Cuyahoga Falls

Importance of exercise and 5 places to exercise in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Exercising will not only help you to have more energy but it will help you feel better. It is hard to ignore the health [...]

Clintonville Ohio Restaurants

Clintonville Ohio Restaurants Clintonville, one of the famous neighborhoods in Columbus. It is a small neighborhood but has diverse dining choices to choose from. Clintonville is home to many [...]

Countdown to Spring in Canton Ohio

Grеаt рlаnts fоr flоwеr gаrdеns іn Оhіо Неrе іn Оhіо, wе’rе usеd tо ехреrіеnсіng sеvеrаl sеаsоns іn thе sаmе dау.  But lately, it there has been a lot of cold and grey.  So this is the time [...]

New Albany Restaurants

NEW ALBANY RESTAURANTS   Just 15 minutes’ drive away from the capital of Ohio, Columbus. New Albany the great green city, the steak home, location with almost all types of delicious food. [...]

Planning A Garden in Akron Ohio

Grеаt рlаnts fоr vеgеtаblе gаrdеns іn Оhіо With the snowy days and cold nights, this is a great time to start thinking about Spring in Akron, Ohio!  To celebrate our countdown to Spring, we have [...]